Junior Configuration Management Specialist

Location: Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD
Date Posted: 01-07-2019
Duties/Minimum Required Qualifications:

a. Support development of and maintain the PM MC SOP for configuration management and change accounting. Identify and adopt industry best practices and assure required activities supporting cybersecurity RMF controls for CM are implemented.

b. Perform and support software acceptance activities:
1) Establish a CM tracking, accounting and reporting capability on the DI2E or other portal as deemed appropriate.
2) Maintain a log and provide reporting of all received software product deliverables within DI2E.
3) Deposit and maintain within DI2E, review and assure correctness and completeness of Software Version Description (SVD) and release notes of all delivered software; report completeness to TMD leadership.
4) Perform software loads and perform configuration on designated computing hardware to establish official integrated build baselines of MC capabilities.
5) Coordinate and provide IT support to staff scanning activities (e.g. Nessus, IAVA, licensing) on delivered and configured software as required.
6) Maintain accounting of acceptance review activities (i.e. problems, completion, license dependencies, etc.) on DI2E, and track discrepancies to closure.

c. Manage Software Configuration Items:
1) Receive and place under configuration management MC software and supporting document configuration items. Maintain accounting logs on DI2E, and provide reporting of all activities to PM MC.
2) Obtain, maintain accounting of, and load approved software patches onto the PEO C3T patch portal.

d. Perform knowledge capture of existing baseline configuration data and establish the “as is” configuration baseline specification on DI2E for all fielded and in-development products.

e. Provide IT and administrative support for configuration, and user access to the PM MC DI2E development infrastructure

f. Manage DI2E user support.
1) Individual onboarding, accesses, and permissions.
2) Group / team onboarding, accesses, and permissions.
3) Manage NDAs, track when they are due to expire, and provide warnings.
4) Track and report who has access to repositories.

g. Provide CM and “librarian” functions of MC DI2E sites
1) Keep documentation organized.
2) Provide warnings when documentation is out of date or inaccurate.
3) Define and implement a COOP SOP for DI2E outages

h. Provide DI2E technical assistance and script development for automation of MC processes

i. Transition software warehouse capability and current baseline software (currently at Ft. Hood) to the PM MC PMO at APG.
1) Provide IT SME support for defining and managing the specification of integrated
configuration baselines, as end-item integrated builds of PM MC product portfolios.
Maintain this baseline as a configuration item on DI2E.
2) Capture on DI2E, and support reporting of baseline configuration data to meet PM
reporting requirements. Develop DI2E-based automated report generation capabilities
for recurring reporting tasks.
3) Provide DI2E administrative and technical support for the development, capture,
validation, approval and version control of baseline Technical Bulletins (TB), and Tactics,
Techniques and Procedures (TTP). Provide administrative support and accounting for
review, approval and publishing of these TB/TTP's on the eLandWarNet portal for unit
and other software stakeholder access.
4) Provide representation to the MC help desk, for coordination of providing IT tech
support to resolve baseline configuration and related technical issues. Maintain a
support record within DI2E to capture lessons-learned and inform future
troubleshooting efforts.
5) Provide DI2E IT and administrative support to develop "load directive" specifications
that define unit-specific software baselines, ICW MC RMD fielding support staff.
6) Establish and maintain on DI2E a record of COTS software license dependencies, to include predicting and tracking need for changing MC baselines based on planned vendor changes to COTS baselines (e.g. Java version changes).

i. Support Configuration/Change Control Activities
1) Develop and maintain on DI2E an integrated schedule of planned receipt of software
configuration items, and schedule dependencies for software integration, test,
evaluation and distribution.
2) Provide administrative support for defining and managing change processes and
documentation artifacts to manage definition of integrated MC portfolio configuration
3) Provide administrative support for accounting and staffing of baseline change proposals
by the MC CCB.
4) Provide representation to the MC CCB for purposes of briefing Software Baseline
Management status and manage taskings on baseline status and technical issues.
5) Provide quarterly software baseline management IPR's to PM MC leadership.

j. Manage Configuration Item Distribution:
1) Maintain tracking of user/unit software system requirements and maintain accounting
of actually deployed software configurations.
2) Provide administrative and IT support for replication and distribution of software items
on hard drive and recordable media.
3) Identify and implement approved methods to streamline distribution and delivery of
software artifacts per PM MC leadership guidance.
4) Create a (cloud-based) portal by which users can download authorized artifacts.
5) Manage account permissions and access to CM portals.
6) Maintain logs that track who has downloaded which artifacts and when.

Certification(s) Required: None

Education Preferred:
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Information Systems, or related field
  • Technical certifications in IT or cyber security may be determined to be sufficient.
Preferred Skills:
  • Minimum of two years working in a related field.
  • Demonstrated proficiency in Linux and/or Windows system administration.
  • Experience with Linux preferred.
  • Demonstrated ability to exercise critical reasoning and problem solving.
  • Demonstrated ability to plan and conduct configuration management abilities.
  • Demonstrated experience in troubleshooting computer systems.
  • Demonstrated proficiency with virtualization. VMWare is preferred.
  • Act as a self-starter in a relatively unstructured work environment. Work as a member of a team, including both Government and contractor personnel from a variety of teams. Demonstrated ability to produce technical documents.
Incumbent: New position

Location: APG

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